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AMTELCO Overview

AMTELCO is a trusted name in call center communication systems, software applications and XDS technologies for call centers, contact centers, healthcare facilities, higher education facilities, executive suites and developers.

AMTELCO's award-winning Infinity system is one of the most reliable and profitable pieces of call center equipment on the market. Infinity provides call centers with tools like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), voice processing, text messaging, PBX capabilities and digital switching to transform businesses into specialized customer resource centers.

In addition to call center systems, AMTELCO offers eCreator, a sophisticated custom web-based scripting application, web-based hosted services and other wireless applications. AMTELCO also designs, manufactures and markets a wide variety of PC, PCI and CompactPCI switching boards to specialized computer-based development companies throughout the world.

Mr. Curtin and AMTELCO have received more than fifteen U.S. patents for telephone switching devices. Today, AMTELCO equipment is in operation in all 50 of the United States and in more than 20 foreign countries.


TAS/Call Center AMTELCO's innovative call center system provides high profitability, high reliability and services to businesses such as telephone answering services, call centers and executive suites.


Add additional services and contain costs with 1Call solutions designed specifically for healthcare and higher education.


eCreator by AMTELCO eCreator simplifies the contact center agent desktop with powerful customizable scripted applications.


Technology innovations for H.110 CompactPCI, H.100 PCI, MVIP & SCSA board formats, covering multichassis, BRI, conferencing and a variety of analog port interface solutions.


Hosted Services
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