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•  Infinity Intelligent Messaging Scripts

•  eCreator Agent Scripts

AMTELCO has created a new web-based Library to provide a location to share and exchange eCreator Agent and Infinity Intelligent Messaging Scripts with other users. AMTELCO will share scripts we've created ourselves and there is also an area for users to submit scripts they wish to share.

•  Save Set up Time

•  Network Accounts More Easily

•  Get New Programming Ideas

The New AMTELCO Library provides many advantages including an even greater reduction of setup time needed to create scripts. You no longer have to set up an account from scratch. Download an existing script from the library and modify it to meet the needs of your new client. Network accounts with other centers more conveniently by distributing the script in an easy method.

And no need to reinvent the wheel when you have a programming question, find a script that does what you need and modify the downloaded version to fit the needs of your clients. Scripts you submit or download can even include Databases & Reports making account set up even faster.

Feel free to preview the eCreator agent scripts currently in the library, or view descriptions of Infinity Intelligent Messaging scripts by clicking View . You can also review the Submission Instructions to prepare a script you would like to share. Login requires your AMTELCO Service Login and Password. If you have any questions, send us an email by clicking Contact Us.