The new AMTELCO Resource Library provides many tools to simplify account set-up, reduce training time and get great programming ideas. This is the first such library in the industry and is a great benefit for AMTELCO customers. Training operators has never been easier with detailed videos that they can watch any time, night or day. You can pause, rewind, take notes, all at your convenience. This makes the transition during software upgrades much smoother and easier. It also helps you take advantage of the full potential of all the powerful Infinity, Infinity Intelligent Series and eCreator features and applications.

The AMTELCO Resource Library includes a Training Library, a Webinar Library and Script Libraries for the Infinity Intelligent Series and eCreator.

Using the Script Library, AMTELCO system users have the opportunity to share their application scripts with other users for their mutual benefit. The eCreator scripts you submit or download can include databases and reports, making account set-up even faster.

To access the library you will simply use your AMTELCO support agreement log-in ID and password.


The Training Library has a full-motion video and audio tutorials on Infinity upgrades, Infinity Supervisor Client Set-up, Learning On-Call Supervisor, AMTELCO's Web-based conferencing. Learning the features of Infinity and the Infinity Intelligent Series, and much more.


AMTELCO conducts on-line seminars regularly. The Seminar Library contains on-line seminars and PowerPoint® presentations on a wide variety of applications, system set-up and marketing presentations.


The eCreator Script Library contains scripts for many eCreator account types including scripts using the base palette, order entry scripts and other applications. The site is organized for easy access to the type of account that is required, such as a commercial account or medical answering service.

The Infinity Intelligent Series Script Library offers powerful scripts to guide operators through the message taking and dispatching process. General how-to scripts like time-of-day branching and age calculations are very helpful in creating valuable new scripts for call centers.

New titles are being added continuously by AMTELCO trainers, technical specialists and AMTELCO system users.


Listen in and look over the shoulder of an expert while they handle calls, dispatch messages and create advanced scripts using many of the powerful features in the Infinity Intelligent Series. The Demo Library contains movies showing the desktop actions of the operator and supervisors along with audio narration.